The Bathroom of my Dreams

March 4, 2015

I'm a dreamer.  Mostly about living in an actual house that we actually own.  My dream is to buy an old rundown home in Charleston and fix it up exactly how I want it (while maintaining the charm and character of an old home).  Open and airy kitchens, bathrooms and closets are the main subjects of these dreams because those are some of the smallest rooms in this itty bitty apartment we live in now.

My dream bathroom would have white subway tile on the walls, a black and white honeycomb floor (or maybe wood?), a big ole bathtub and separate shower, and it would be crisp and clean and mostly black and white.  Here are some of my favorite bathrooms that I envy like crazy.  Maybe one day!

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  1. They're all lovely. But I know my favorite shower is the one with the open window. I do love black and white tile bathrooms -- all bathrooms were bl & wh when I was growing up: '40s-'50s.

    1. I agree Kay, that one is pretty amazing isn't it? I love the timelessness of old bathrooms. Can't go wrong with black and white!

  2. Love the first one and second ones.


    1. Me too, Coco! It's fun to dream isn't it? Maybe one day!