Split Personality Style

May 8, 2014
My computer miraculously decided to cooperate last night, after 5 days of not letting me open a single program!  I was able to finish a few little projects, so here is the first.

I don't know about you, but I often feel so torn between styles.  I love fun, colorful and preppy interiors, but I also can't get enough of glamorous interiors decked out in leopard prints, golds, and rich colors.  (This split personality is probably why my apartment is so eclectic...because one day I'll be obsessed with whimsical pink/green/white items with a beachy, Lilly Pulitzer feel, and other times I'm drawn to plush animal prints, dark walls, and metallic accents.)  I wish I had a house with 20 different rooms so that I could decorate each one a different way.  Unfortunately I'm stuck with a one bedroom apartment for the time being, but a girl can dream.  Here is what I'm lusting after at the moment in both styles!  Thank goodness variety is the spice of life!
Preppy: Mirror / Rug / Pillow / Lamp / Table
Glam: Mirror / Rug / Pillow / Lamp / Table
So which style do you prefer?  Bright and colorful, or glamorous elegance?
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  1. I love the preppy. I think I'd like glam more if they weren't in gold tones. I'm more of a silver kind of girl.

  2. So this is my problem! Thanks for putting it into words.

  3. This is so well said....I am the EXACT same way! A huge dilemma. What's a girl to do?!