Simply Sweet Little Girl's Room

May 14, 2014
While I do not have any children yet...and don't plan on having any in the immediate future...I recently realized that I sometimes subconsciously keep saving pictures and links of items that are girly and pink that would go perfectly in a little girl's room.  I can't wait to have babies for many reasons, but I think decorating their rooms and choosing adorable little clothes (I'm obsessed with J.Crew cute!) will be such a fun experience.  Here is how I'd decorate a little girl's room right now, if I had the chance.

1. Lamp / 2. Art (I'm from Georgia so I recently bought this piece and love it.  Still need to get it framed though! ) / 3. Mirror / 4. Sheets (aren't the little bows just adorable?) / 5. Polka dot tray / 6. Rug

I think most of these pieces would translate well as the little girl get's older.  If I were a teen I'm sure I'd still love the polka dot items, although the mirror may need to be spray painted a different color.  I'm just such a sucker for pink, so I'd actually love to include all of these pieces in my home!  What do y'all think?

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  1. I love it. It's so pretty and feminine. I want those bow sheets, but I doubt my husband would like that!

  2. I secretly (ok rather non secretly) have been storing ideas on pinterest for a babies room, even though we aren't planning for a bit! I love the "sweet as a peach" print!

  3. Such sweet items ~ love polka dots!