Call of the Wild: Animal Prints!

January 19, 2014
Anyone else hold to the belief that animal prints are a neutral?  I sure do, and I love all things leopard, zebra, cheetah or cow print.  Here are some of my favorite rooms with animal prints from across the web that I cannot get enough of.  So lovely and fun!  These are great examples that show that animal prints can work with any color.  They are the ultimate (and totally fun) neutral!!  I wish I could have about 4 different homes so that I could decorate each one differently.  I'd definitely have a few animal print rooms in the mix. 
I am absolutely LUSTING after this leopard rug.  How beautiful does this room by Erin Williamson look?  If I had a bigger apartment I’d snatch that rug up in a minute, but at the moment I have no extra room. Maybe one day. 
This chair is just so fun, and I love the pink dresser next to it.  The perfect girlie room.
Who can resist a zebra print rug?  This room by Max Humphrey is styled so well.  The gallery wall is a great touch too.

On top of animal prints, I also love home accessories that are shaped like animals.  They are a great way to add a dash of whimsy to a room.  I don't have any pets, but it's fun to decorate with some critters!  Here are my favorite affordable animal print and critter home décor items that I 'm loving right now:

1. Gold Pig Bookends
2. Sheep Skin (great to drape over a chair and soft underfoot)
3. Leopard Print Rug
4. Gold Tortoise Shell Box
5. Gold Moose Head
6. Leopard Print Pillow
7. Cow Hide Rug (here is how I use this rug in my apartment...I love it layered over a striped rug)

What's your favorite way to decorate with animal prints?


  1. A definite Yes! to animal prints...and gold! :) Just found your blog via the home tour and I can't tell you how much I love your style! "Whimsy" is everywhere and your use of color is lovely. I so wish that you were here in Texas...I need your help! :) Do you mind telling me how big your loft is? I just moved the end of last June and this is a smaller space than I've had in the past. Having a bit of difficulty with furniture arrangement. I love all the different items you have in your space!

    I have been a volunteer with Soldiers Angels since I retired in '03. I am so very sorry about the loss of your husband. I'd like to say a HUGE thank you for your service and his. I feel that our military personnel do not receive enough recognition, nor do our veterans.

    Ok, I will stop rambling! I'm a new follower and have a lot to peruse on your blog.


    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I'm so glad you have enjoyed it :) My loft is about 800 square feet...and I've managed to cram a lot of furniture in here. I had to rearrange things quite a few times, but I never mind doing it and was happy once I finally got it right. Good luck with figuring out your perfect layout!!

  2. I LOVE animal prints but my husband absolutely hates them, I'm hoping I can sneak them in somehow..

  3. Thanks for these great ideas Katie! (Marschean)