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October 24, 2014
Wow, what an amazing week it has been!  Lots and lots of excitement this past week, and so much to look forward to in the coming week as well (yay for honeymoons!).  Here is what has been on my mind this past week!

1.  My Dream Wedding!  Tom and I got married on Sunday in Beaufort, SC, and now we are settling into life as a married couple!  I haven't seen the photos from the wedding yet, but I did get bridal portraits taken earlier this summer so I can finally share those on the blog.  My portraits were taken by Christina Valentine, and she was so fun to work with and did an amazing job.  I'll share all of the photos from that shoot and the wedding in the next few weeks, but here is a sneak peek (which I already shared on Instagram but here it is again).  I had this photo printed on canvas, and it was framed and on display at the wedding reception.  A cousin of mine did this for her wedding a few years back, and I just thought it was the neatest idea!

Image via Julia's Album

2.   Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes.  Now that fall is here I'm craving hearty and rich dishes.  I honestly don't think there is anything better than a rich, cheesy, pasta dish...which is why I'm dying to make this chicken mozzarella pasta with sun-dried tomatoes from Julia's Album.  Doesn't it look delicious?

3.  Elements of Style.  I'm gonna jump on the blogger bandwagon here and sing the praises of blogger and designer Erin Gates.  Her book, Elements of Style, was recently released, and the content is just as beautiful as the lovely exterior.  I mean, how can you not love a black and white striped book spine?  It's perfect for reading and for decorating!!   

Image via Dine and Dish

4.  Hard Cider Pumpkin Float.  Fall calls for pumpkin coffee, pumpkin desserts, and all sorts of other pumpkiny things, so why shouldn't our booze have a little pumpkin in it too?  This hard cider pumpkin float from Dine and Dish looks amazing!

Image via The Creativity Exchange

5.  Rifle Paper Company Wall Calendar Art.  On a recent visit to Anthropologie I bought a beautiful "travel the world" 2015 wall calendar by Rifle Paper Company.  I love the artwork so much that I'm planning on framing a few (if not all) of the pages once I'm finished with the calendar.  Looks like my idea wasn't all that original, because Cindy from The Creativity Exchange, had the exact same idea and she executed it beautifully.  How lovely is this gallery wall in her daughter's room?  All of the prints are taken from the calendar! 
Thanks for following along this week!  We are heading to Hawaii for our honeymoon on Sunday, so if you want to see some pretty pictures of our favorite spots on Oahu, please follow along on Instagram!  I'm also over on Pinterest, Bloglovin', Facebook and Twitter, and I'd love for you to join me there too!  Have a happy weekend everyone :)

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DIY Sheepskin Stool

October 22, 2014

Have y'all noticed that fluffy sheepskin stools and ottomans keep popping up all over the place?  Society Social, Target, Anthropologie, and all sorts of other awesome stores carry them right now, and they all cost a pretty penny (especially the dreamy Society Social ottoman).

Image via Society Social
Image via Coco and Kelly
Image via Target
Image via Society Social
Image via Cote de Texas

I recently found a little stool for $17 while bargain hunting with my grandmother at Finders Keepers in Decatur, GA.  I knew exactly what I would do with it once I saw it...I'd create my own (much cheaper) version of the oh-so-fabulous sheepskin stool!  I already had an old sheepskin from Ikea (such a great bargain at $29.99, although the faux version is even cheaper at $9.99), so all I had to do was grab my scissors and staple gun and go to town!  

The stool before the makeover.

Ikea sheepskin rug.  (I like to drape these over the backs of chairs, which is why I had a few laying around.)

Honestly, this project could not have been any simpler.  (Although all the trimming down to size I had to do made my living room floor look like I sheared a sheep.)  Luckily sheepskin is very forgiving when used as upholstery due to all the fluffy wool.

All you need: sheepskin, stool, scissors and a staple gun. 

First I laid the sheepskin over the stool to make sure it would fit (don't worry about removing old upholstery, there really is no need to do so).  Then I just "eyeballed it" and trimmed the sheepskin so that it lined up with the edge of the current upholstery.  Then I simply stapled all the way around, ensuring that I spread the wool apart so that the it would stay nice and fluffy, and so that I could hide the staples.

The whole project took about 15 minutes (including wool clean up at the end), and doesn't it look great?  I just love how it turned out!  Tom said it looks like we have an animal standing very still in our apartment.  I guess I'll take that as a compliment!?

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A Whimsical Bunch: 15 Under $75 at Lulu & Georgia

October 20, 2014
Alright y'all, it's time for another round of 15 under $75!  This time I'm sharing my favorite affordable items from Lulu & Georgia.  This online boutique is great for unique and fun decorative items, and I could easily decorate my entire house in the pieces they sell.  Here are my 15 favorites, but be sure to check out the site yourself to see all sorts of other goodies!

1 Agate Coasters / 2 Macaron Print / 3 Mirror / 4 Kate Spade Notebook / 5 Oyster Print / 6 Vase / 7 Palm Pillow / 8 Candle Holder / 9 Striped Pillow / 10 White Vases / 11 Pineapple Print / 12 Gold Urchins / 13 Gold Rhino / 14 Flamingo Print / 15 Sheepskin Rug

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A Whimsical Bridal Shower

October 15, 2014

Recently some dear family friends threw me an amazing bridal shower.  When I found out that these ladies wanted to throw the party I got really excited, not because of the whole gift thing, but because the hosts are some of the most creative and imaginative women I know, and the party was sure to be fabulous.  In my mind I knew that the party (and the home it was hosted in) would be beautiful and whimsical, but my imagination did not even compare to how wonderful it was in reality.  It was elegant, fun, full of Southern charm, and more than I had ever dreamed of.  Plus I got to be surrounded by lots of amazing friends and family for the first time in a while, so it was a day that I’ll always remember.  Thanks to my friends Morgan Corbett (of Art Actually and Morgan Corbett Photography), as well as Kady Rodriguez-Hoffmaster (of Kady Rodriguez Health and Fitness) for taking these wonderful photos!

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Fancy Pink Dress

October 13, 2014

Check out those gorgeous blue ridge mountains in the background!

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a dear friend’s wedding.  The wedding was lovely and it made me so happy to see such a sweet friend marry the love of her life!  It was also a great day because it was the first time my parents, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, Tom and I all got to spend time together.  

To celebrate the day I wore a new dress that I snagged on a fantastic sale from a Kate Spade outlet store.  The hot pink color was nice and sassy, and the pleated bottom gave it a sophisticated look.  I topped it off with a bold statement necklace, black suede pumps, a black patent clutch, lots of bangles, and a bright pink lip to match the dress.  Needless to say, it was lots of fun to wear!

Dress: Kate Spade (similar) / Black Suede Heels: J.Crew (similar) / Bangles: Kate Spade and J.Crew / Clutch: Kate Spade (similar) / Necklace: J.Crew Factory

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