Date Night and Bow Earrings

February 11, 2019

sandals (my favorite semi-dressy flats...I own them in about 5 colors...they're such a classic!) | dress (very old, but this dressy tank, this pencil skirt, this casual skirt and this sweater all have the same scalloped detailing) | earrings c/o Dress for Cocktails | leopard purse (old, but this is similar and convertible, just like mine is) | sweater (shown below...mine is old but here is the current version.  I love Tory Burch cardigans, they're an investment but they last forever and you can dress them up or down)

A few weeks ago Tom and I got all dressed up and went on a fun date in Waikiki.  I have so many dresses in my closet that I rarely get to wear, so I almost always reach for one when we have a date night lined up.  My dress is 6 years old and from J.Crew Factory (I own it in 3 colors!) and think it's the perfect little black dress.  J.Crew Factory has lots of scalloped styles available right now and I'm hoping they add a dress like this to their spring and summer lines.  I seem to inevitably wear a pair of Jack Rogers sandals whenever I dress up, because they're comfortable but look a lot better than a regular pair of flip-flops.  The style is so timeless too, even Jackie Kennedy wore them!

My fun and ultra-lightweight bow earrings are from Dress for Cocktails, a really great source for playful clutches, jewelry, and hats, many with interchangeable bows!  These earrings come in lots of different colors, and they'd be perfect for a cocktail party or in the summer paired with a classic Lilly Pulitzer dress.  I'll be doing a Dress for Cocktails bow earrings giveaway with my Mommy Monday girls later tonight, so be sure to check Instagram to enter!  

This is how most photos turn out when Caroline is around.  She's a daredevil these days.

 So once we got to town we parked at the zoo because parking is the cheapest there ($1 an hour and you can extend by text if you need to...just an FYI to you local folks).  We had both heard great things about Orchids at the Halekulani Hotel, so we decided it was time to give that a shot.  The service, location and seafood were all really great, but if I had to choose a fancy seafood restaurant to go to in Waikiki I think I'd stick with Azure at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  That place has never disappointed me, and that's where I always recommend people go if they're looking for great local fish.  Orchids is famous for their Sunday brunch though, so I'm hoping we can make it to that sometime soon.

The lobster bisque was so delicious!  And look at the breadstick!

After dinner we headed to Blue Note, which is an intimate concert venue in the heart of Waikiki.  Neither of us had been there before, and we are now OBSESSED!  The tickets are affordable, the food is great and it's so nice to see a performance without tons of people surrounding you.  We saw Joshua Radin, a musician we've grown to love after we discovered him while listening to Jack Johnson Pandora, and oh my gosh he was so good!  I'd definitely recommend seeing him if you ever get the  chance!  He was all by himself with his acoustic guitar and he performed for a really long time and talked about his inspiration and the meaning behind a lot of the songs.  It was such a wonderful night!

Don't forget to check Instagram for the Dress for Cocktails earrings giveaway :)

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My Favorite Workout Gear

February 8, 2019
favorite workout clothes

sweatshirt | athletic tights

I grew up as an athlete so fitness has always been a big part of my life.  I also love fashion, so when I can merge the two I most definitely do!  I'm picky though, and if a product doesn't perform it's not worth my money and I don't want it to take up space in my closet.  Over the years I've tried out lots of different athletic tops, bottoms, headphones, sneakers, etc. but here are my favorites, that I'd recommend to anyone without hesitation.  

best workout clothes

(For sizing reference, I'm 5'5" and 127ish pounds)

1.  This tank is so good, y'all.  It's loose and longer and works well with yoga pants and running shorts.  The fabric is very lightweight and great for moisture wicking.  I think the mesh on the back is a cute detail too.  I wear a size 6.  

2.  This is the first lululemon tank I ever fell in love with...and you can tell by looking at my closet.  I have more of these than I should, but they are so incredible.  They're good for yoga because they stay put when you do inversions, but they're also fantastic for running or sweatier pursuits.  They're more form fitting than the other two tanks I listed, which also makes them ideal for layering.  I wear a size 6 but can also wear an 8. 

3.  I love the sheer stripes on this athletic tank.  It's loose-fitting, long enough to cover you bum in yoga pants, and it comes in tons of different colors!  I have 4 different colors and wear them all the time.  (These are pretty delicate so I wash them in a mesh bag.)  I wear a size small.

4.  When I go to the gym I almost always wear a sweatshirt or jacket on the way there.  It can be a bit cool in the mornings here, and I these days I always tend to gravitate toward one particular sweatshirt.  I've mentioned this sweatshirt on Instagram often the past few months, and it's because it really is the best.  I'm wearing it now as I type, actually (and in the photo above)!  It's loose but doesn't look sloppy, and the tie in the back is a cute detail.  I have the rose/blush color as well as the white/black skinny stripe one.  I'd love to add all the colors to my closet though.  I wear a size small.

5.  The other item I love to layer on is this jacket.  I haven't bought a new one in years, but I believe it's still pretty much the same.  It looks cute unzipped, but also nice and fitted if you zip it up.  I still wear mine that are 6+ years old and love them as much as I did when I bought them.  I wear a size 6 but could probably size up to an 8 too.

6.  This is my favorite sports bra and I've had 2 of the old versions for about 6 years and now have 2 of the newer versions too.  I love that it has pockets on the front if you need to stash something like a credit card, chap stick or your phone.  I wear a size 6.

7.  I bought this sports bra in the early days of nursing Caroline and still wearing it all the time.  It's nursing friendly because you can release the straps, but it's not technically a nursing bra, so anyone can wear it.  It's great for larger busted women because you can adjust the straps to make them more secure if you need them.  The back has a hook and eye closure, just like a regular bra.  I wear a 34B.

8.  My favorite long sleeve running top is this one, and I have it in way too many colors.  They're great as a base layer if you're running outside in the cold and want to add a vest or heavier jacket on top.  I pair them with shorts or pants, depending on the weather.  It also has little thumb holes that are great when the weather is a little cold and it makes layering much easier.  

9.  I used the regular Bose sport headphones for years, but after switching to these Bose bluetooth headphones I'll never go back.  Here is why: 1) you don't have to worry about cords getting tangled, 2) when you run on a treadmill you don't have to worry about accidentally pulling your phone off the little shelf, 3) you can do workout videos on your phone (I do the free Glow Body Personal Training videos with headphones at the gym) and you aren't tethered to your phone, so you can place it somewhere and then move around as needed, and 4) you can listen to podcasts or music at home when you're doing chores and you don't have to carry your phone around with you.  Give these a shot and you won't regret it.

10.  I always wear a hat when I run outside.  I don't know what it is, but I feel naked if I don't.  The sun protection is so important and I think it also helps keep sweat out of my eyes.  I've tried lululemon hats but none have been good, in my opinion.  Nike hats seem to be my go-to, and I buy a new one every 5 years or so.  I've also had good success with some off-brand hats at TJ Maxx!  

11.  When I discovered these shorts in 2011 when I was training for my first marathon I bought them in every color available and have never looked back.  I still wear the same ones I bought way back then, and have added other colors over the years.  Here is why I like them: they have a comfortable built in liner so you don't have to wear underwear.  It stays in place, even if you run a marathon.  The length is perfect if you're a runner and don't like long shorts restricting your movement.  The waistband doesn't dig in like lots of shorts do.  And the best part is that they have 2 front pockets and one zipper back pocket!  I've run almost all of my marathons and races in these and have had no need for a fuel belt because I can fit everything in the pockets.  My favorite version is the high-rise version, which was only available for a little while and I snagged 3 pairs when I had the chance.  I've heard they'll come back sometime this year, and you'd better believe I check the website frequently so that I can buy some more and let you all know!  They are THE BEST for postpartum mom-bods.  I wear a size 6.

12.  I love a good running skirt, and have quite a few of the old lululemon pace setter skirts (they have cute ruffles on the back).  I've run half marathons and done many long training runs in them, and they are incredibly comfortable.  This is the current version that lululemon sells and they look very similar and get fantastic reviews.  There is also a pocket on the leg that can fit a phone!

13.  I stocked up on lululemon running socks in 2011 and 2012...and I'm still wearing those same pairs.  I honestly don't think I've bought new running socks in over 6 years, and I work out almost daily.  These stay put, prevent blisters, are moisture wicking, look nice with sneakers and are very comfortable.  If you've never tried lululemon socks you've got to give them a chance.

14.  I used to wear Oakleys when I ran, but then I realized that my favorite sunglasses (that I've owned and worn daily since 2012) stay put when I run too, so they've been my go-to running sunglasses ever since.  They fit nicely even if you're wearing a hat (a problem sometimes when the top of your glasses hit the bill of the hat) and they look cute too.  The black and brown color combo makes them incredibly versatile too, so they match with everything you own!  

15.  These tights are a bit thicker than the other two pants I've included below, and I'd say they also have a little more compression.  I am in love with the color I purchased, which is maritime pine.  It's the perfect green that plays well with white, blush, navy, light blue, black...basically all the colors I wear frequently.  These are incredible pants and even though they're more expensive than the Amazon pants I'd recommend scooping up a pair because of how high quality they are.  I wear a size small.

16.  I've tried so many pairs of lululemon pants, and while I've liked almost all of them, I looooooove these pants the best.  I have them in black, navy and a pretty teal blue color. (as seen in the top photo).  The high waistband that doesn't dig into you at all makes these so dreamy.  They're great for yoga but I also wear them for running and strength training with no issue.  They also come in a variety of lengths, though the 25" style is my favorite because they're cropped but not short like capris.  They run a tad big, so if you want more compression size down one size.  I wear a size 4. 

17.  These leggings are a recent discovery and they're from Amazon!  I talk about them often on Instagram because I'm seriously obsessed.  The fact that they've joined the ranks of my lululemon and Athleta gear is incredible to me.  Only $24.99 and they fit like a dream (very similar to the Align Crops listed above)!  Oh and the outer thigh pockets are big enough to hold a phone.  I wear a size small.  I have them in navy and black and want to add the light blue to my collection once they'e back in stock.  

18.  I put my running shoes through a lot, so they've got to perform well and be comfortable...but the fashion loving side of my personality also has an opinion, so they've got to be cute too.  I've gone through 4 pairs of these sneakers and I love them.  They aren't all that expensive, the colors are beautiful, and they're simply a great running shoe.  (I even ran the marathon in them.)  When I bring them home I do swap out the insole for Dr. Scholl's insoles for a little extra comfort, and once I do that they're good to go for the next 6 months.  I wear an 8 in most shoes but size up to an 8.5 in New Balance sneakers.

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Easy Park Bench Workout

February 1, 2019
bench step ups

On days that I run in our neighborhood I often stop at a bench somewhere along the way to do a little strength training workout.  This routine is quick and easy to squeeze in, especially if you're already out on a run or walk!  You could easily do this routine on a bench, stairs, or even a curb.

I typically do this workout as a super set, which means I go through and do one round of each of the 4 exercises, and then go through the whole rotation again.  Most of the time I'll do 2 complete sets of 15 repetitions, but you can easily alter that if you want to do more or less.  If you'd like to watch a video on how I do each exercise you can click here to see the one I posted to IGTV!!

bench dips

- Dips.  Place hands on the bench and extend your legs out in front of you.  The farther you put your legs out the more difficult it will be.  Bend your elbows and try to get them to a 90 degree angle, and then press back up.  Repeat for a total of 15 times.

- Single leg step-ups.  (See the very top image.)  Plant one leg firmly on a bench and keep it there for the duration of the exercise.  Step up so that your other toes touch the top of the bench, then step back down quickly and repeat 15 times.  Change legs and do it again (this is one complete set).  Make sure your knee stays over your toes so that you don't injure yourself.

bench pushups

- Push-ups.  Keeping your back straight and bottom down, do 15 push-ups with hands on the bench.  Try to get your arms all the way down to a 90 degree angle.  

bench crunches

- Bench crunches.  Balance on the bench with hands at your side for stability.  Crunch in and out with upper body and legs 15 times.

- Complete the entire workout above again, or even a third time.   

Do you like posts like this?  Please let me know in the comments!

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5 Things I'm Loving

January 30, 2019
affordable style

sweatshirt | high waisted athletic leggings | sneakers | sunglasses (sold out, but these are so similar!)

1.  I'm all about athleisure these days.  It's easy to throw on early in the morning before I take Jack to school, and then it works well if I go to the gym or run to the store afterwards.  I like that I look pulled together (ish) but am also super comfortable.  Affordable pieces make me really happy, and this cross front sweatshirt is a recent purchase that I'm absolutely loving!  It's really soft on the inside and true to size.  And only $19.99!  The blush sneakers I'm wearing here look similar to Allbirds but are from Walmart, and the memory foam insole is incredibly comfortable.  And the leggings I'm wearing are the pants I can't seem to stop talking about...the Amazon lululemon align dupes that have pockets and are only $24.99!  They have a smooth, high waist, are made of buttery soft fabric and they fit so nicely.  (I'm wearing a small in the top and bottoms and I'm 5'5" and 127 lbs.)

reusable shower cap

2.  This shower cap is the cutest!  I finally realized that because I only wash my hair every few days I should probably figure out a better way to keep my hair dry than just putting it up in a bun.  This shower cap does the trick and comes in so many different patterns too (stripes, florals, polka dots).

keratosis pilaris lotion

3.  I've had KP (keratosis pilaris) on the back of my upper arms for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I even blogged about trying to tackle it back in 2014.  Nothing has been able to make the little white bumps go away, until I decided to try Beautycounter's Countermatch Adaptive Body Moisturizer.  I've been using it since December 24th and in less than a month they were completely gone.  I love that it's a safer product AND I am so glad I'm not tempted to pop all the little bumps anymore.  It was a bad habit I'd fall into sometimes but now it's not even an issue because they're all gone!  This lotion is great because it adapts to your skin's moisture needs so that you get exactly what you need throughout the day.  I also use the face version of this lotion every day and I love how it keeps me moisturized but doesn't make me oily.

car valentines
image via The Ever Co.

4.  My friend Amy Hawthorne is a former Army helicopter pilot and she now runs The Ever Co.!  It's a great blog and shop for celebrating every day like it's a holiday.  She designs and sells the cutest shirts with sweet little sayings on them.  I've decided to shop small this year for Valentine's Day and plan on using these printable valentines that she designed!  You get around 40 different styles for only $ definitely can't get a deal like that at Target!  Plus they're all so stinking cute and creative.

valentines poptarts
image via The Mama Notes

5.  These heart shaped Valentine's Day poptarts from the Mama Notes look so good!  We may try our hand at these sometime soon.  If you don't follow the Mama Notes blog and you're a mom you definitely should!  I've enjoyed following Caitlin for years now and love all the motherhood content she produces now that she has two young daughters (similar ages to my kids).

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Hawaii Sunrise and a Cute Zip Pouch

January 28, 2019

denim shorts | white t-shirt | striped cardigan (similar) | basket bag | zip pouch c/o Carrie Dunham | sandals | bow sunhat | large pearl earrings c/o Julie Vos (one of my favorite pairs of earrings)

Happy Monday, friends!  This weekend I went to Bellows to watch the sunrise with my friend Steph, of Steph H. Photography.  It can get really windy on the windward side (who would have thought?! haha), but if you ever have the chance to watch the sunrise in Kailua, Lanikai or Bellows you have got to seize the opportunity.  We live about as far away from there as possible, but the 5AM wake up was absolutely worth it.  The ocean is so beautiful over there, and it's such a gorgeous spot for photos. 

After sunrise and a fun photoshoot we went to breakfast at Cinnamon's, and ate way too much and enjoyed a leisurely meal.  It was oddly relaxing eating without the four crazy kiddos we have between the two of us, and we savored every quiet minute of it (and then were excited to get back home to our families).  I had the red velvet pancakes, and they're as decadent as they sound and so stinking delicious!  

Steph is working on getting her photography business up and running (she is incredibly talented!), and I'm brainstorming how to turn my blog into more of a job than a hobby (blog relaunch is in the works!), so it was nice to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and dream about all the possibilities.  I'm so thankful for a good friend like her in my life!  And if you're ever in need of family photos here on Oahu, please keep Steph in mind.  She captures the light in such an etherial way, and she is so good at making you feel at ease.  (We shot 3 other looks in addition to these photos here, and I am beyond pleased with how all of the photos turned out!)

A super early morning calls for a laid back outfit, so I threw on my favorite denim shorts, the plain white tee I've been wearing on repeat (I like that there is a little variation in the fabric so it's not just flat white...I sized up to a medium for a more relaxed fit...only $12), and a light striped cardigan for warmth.  Mine is a few years old but this one is almost exactly the same (though a little warmer) and $52.  This sunhat is the best hat I've ever owned.  I have it in cream as well, and the bow detail on the back makes it really fun and preppy.  The inside is adjustable so it can fit practically anyone!  I threw everything else I brought with me into my basket bag, but made sure to place all the small things, like my favorite Beautycounter sheer lipstick, in my new Carrie Dunham zip pouchCarrie Dunham is a fantastic source for any hand bag of your needs, especially if you're looking for a quality lizard, croc or snake leather bag.  

I love that this pouch (currently available in kelly green, gold and mint) is perfect to fit inside a larger bag, but it's also cute enough to use as a small clutch on its own.  I also really like this Carrie clutch, which allows you to switch out different reversible covers so that you can easily change up your look without buying a whole new bag.  Such a genius idea!

Oh and today's blog post is part of my Mommy Monday series, so be sure to go check out Instagram for a giveaway later today! 

Shop the Post:


Thanks to Carrie Dunham for sending me this pouch!

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Three Ways to Wear a Bandana

January 24, 2019

how to wear a bandana

how to wear a bandana

how to wear a bandana

striped shirt (top photo, only $14.50!) | denim shorts (middle and bottom photos...I live in these) | brown sandals (middle photo, love these for adventures!) | gold Birks (bottom photo...I wear these daily)

Have you jumped on the bandana train yet?  I did a few months ago and seem to keep turning to it again and again!  It took me a little courage to wear it for the first time but now I'm hooked.  I haven't gotten the confidence to wear one around my neck yet (not sure if that would look silly in Hawaii), but I love wearing one in my hair or tied onto a purse.  I have a few of them, but the one I get the most use out of is a blue and white Liberty of London floral print that I found at J.Crew last summer (only available in scrunchie form now, but this one is similar!).  It's so versatile because of the classic color combination, and the small floral pattern allows it to work well with many different colors and it even play well with stripes.  J.Crew has 3 new Liberty patterned bandanas now and I would love to add one to my collection!  

how to wear a bandana

One way I like to wear it is with a low side ponytail.  Just part your hair on the side and then gather a loose and slightly messy ponytail on the opposite side, very low and a little bit back from your ear.  Make sure it's not pulled too tightly and even loosen it up a bit by covering the tops of both ears or all of one ear with your hair.  This is supposed to be an "effortless" look so you want things on the loose side rather than too tight.  Secure with a hair tie.  (I love these from Anthropologie and have been wearing them daily, even to work out in...that's actually one on my wrist in the photo above!  They come in a pack of 8 and the colors are really on trend, but the reason I love them is that my hair doesn't slip out of them.)  Then roll your bandana up and tie it around the ponytail!  You can also do this same thing with a high or low ponytail on the back of your head.   

how to wear a bandana

Another way to wear a bandana is with a high bun.  I paired it with a striped shirt and red lips- my version of French girl chic...on a Hawaiian vacation :)  Just put your hair in a high bun/topknot (I just twist my hair up and then secure it using the same hair ties linked above) and and then tie the bandana around it.  I place the middle of the bandana at the bottom of bun, then wrap around so that the bandana loops all the way around and ends back at the bottom.  Then tie the bandana together at the bottom.


The third way I like to wear it is with my hair down, like a headband.  I'll part my hair on the side and then tie the bandana around my head with the ends on top.  Once it's tied I just tuck the two ends under the bandana so that they don't poke up.  It's a great way to disguise hair that hasn't been washed in a day or two! 

Here are some of my favorite bandanas as well as a few scrunchies (some with ties that make them look like bandanas).  They're a great substitute if you don't want to mess with tying a bandana yourself!

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8 Top Wardrobe Purchases of 2018

January 22, 2019
In 2018 I tried to be smart about my purchases.  I didn't shop as much as I have in previous years, but I did buy some items that I have gotten so much use out of.  Here are some of my favorite clothing items I bought this past year that I would recommend without any hesitation.  You'll probably see me wearing a combination of at least 2 of the following items in each of the photos...they (mostly) all work so well together!

Haleiwa bowls

denim shorts | sandals | sunglasses | tank top (old from Walmart) | Caroline's sandals (they match 

1.  If you scroll through my instagram feed you'll see me wearing these denim shorts in half of my photos.  I seriously live in them.  They're stretchy but don't get baggy, and I like that the raw hem is casual but because it's folded it doesn't look like a regular pair of cut-offs.  These are definitely my number one purchase of the year!  I'm 5'5" and fluctuate between 125 and 130 and wear a size 26 in these.

casual style

rose gold Birkenstock sandals | striped shirt | white denim shorts (8 years old but this is the current version) | sunglasses (similar) | white scrunchie (made for athletics so it's durable!)

2.  No exaggeration, I have worn these rose gold Birkenstocks almost every day since I bought them.  I needed supportive sandals while I was training for a marathon and these did the trick, but the gold/copper color dresses them up a bit.  I wear these with shorts, yoga pants, striped t-shirt name it.  They're incredible!

striped button down shirt

striped button up shirt | denim shorts | Caroline's sandals

3.  I have fallen in love with short-sleeve button up shirts, and I have this striped one in all 3 colors.  I roll the sleeves twice and do a half tuck in the front and I think it looks great paired with blue and white denim shorts or jeans.  Only the red color is available now but don't worry, it doesn't come across as Christmasy because the red is a bit of a faded color.  I'm hoping it comes back in more colors this spring.

acai bowl

4.  Life in Hawaii = life always near the water.  These pink waterproof Birkenstocks were a random purchase that I've gotten so much use out of.  Nice and comfy like normal Birks, but they can get wet and they're way cheaper ($39.95)!!  I like the pink color a lot but they also come in black, dark green, blue and red.  I've always been a flip-flop girl but not so much anymore.


striped tank top | yoga pants

5.  When I find something I like I buy it in lots of colors.  I now have 4 of these striped athletic tanks and they're great for wearing with yoga pants because they cover your bum.  I wear them with shorts while running too.  The stripes are sheer but because they're thin the shirt doesn't come across as scandalous or too revealing.  I have it in maritime pine, milkshake pink, bright white and a blue color that's no longer available.  I probably wear the white one the most because it goes with everything!

Paradise Cove lagoon

bikini top | bikini bottoms | sunglasses

6.  We're in the pool or at the beach a few days a week, so swimsuits are one of the things I can never get enough of.  I now have three Albion Fit swimsuits and this striped bikini was the most recent addition.  They're on the pricier side of things but the quality is superb and the styles are pretty unique.

dreamcatcher earrings jack rogers

7.  As the theme goes, I fell in love with these dreamcatcher earrings and now I have them in 2 colors.  The raffia pair I have on in this photo was only available this past summer but I'm hoping they come back in stock.  The other color I have is navy, which is available, as is white and gold.  They're large and fun statement earrings and they are so fun to pair with classic and simple outfits!

straw basket bag

basket backpack | flutter tank top (similar) | scalloped seersucker shorts (old J.Crew) | sandals (old J.Crew Factory) | sunglasses (similar)

8.  I love the look of straw bags, but sometimes a regular basket bag isn't all that practical with little kids.  I prefer a backpack style bag most of the time these days (I'm such a mom!).  When I found this backpack straw bag online I knew I needed it!  There aren't any pockets on the inside or anything, but it holds all the stuff you need really well, and you have the option of wearing it as a backpack or carrying it by the hand strap.

What was your favorite purchase of 2018?
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