Spring Entryway

April 26, 2017

Our movers officially come in less than a month to pack us up for Hawaii!  I still took a little time to freshen up of foyer for spring though, despite knowing it'll be taken down before the end of May.  

The faux bamboo table was a DIY makeover (see post here for the makeover and to see what the foyer looked like back in October) and that stayed put because I love it.  It may eventually serve as a vanity like it's supposed to be, but for now I'm using it as a console table.  I'd love to have a little vanity area in our next home, but we'll see.  

I bought a new mirror recently because my old one was going on 8 years old and was from Ross.  I also decided to bring in a basket to keep the garden stool company under the table.  I also swapped out the lamp for a brass Greek key lamp I found for a measly $5 at a thrift store.  Finally, I swapped out a few blue and white vases I had laying around in other rooms.  The cute little face vase (called the celfie vase) holding ranunculus was bought at a local boutique but you can buy your own here.  This 117 year old house has certainly had it's quirks but I have loved living here and making it our home for the past 10 months.  I don't think I'll ever live in a house quite as charming and I'm going to miss it once we leave!  Those ceilings have my heart :)

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Monogrammed Tea Towels

April 24, 2017

If you're a Southerner or you're the least bit preppy, you likely have something with your monogram on it.  Over the years I've bought Tom monogrammed cufflinks, Jack all sorts of monogrammed clothing, and I even had our Christmas stockings monogrammed, but after thinking about it I have  very few items that have been monogrammed for myself.  I discovered South of Libbie (a Charleston-based Etsy shop run by the sweetest girl named Christine) on Instagram over a year ago and I have been in love with her feed and her beautiful monogrammed items ever since.       

Spring is the time of year where I feel like everything should be crisp and colorful, and I'm obsessed with these monogrammed tea towels from South of Libbie.  I got one made for myself and one for my mom for Mother's Day (using our married monograms so as not to exclude the men).  They're perfect for displaying in a powder room or on a bar cart, or even when used with a simple pitcher of water.  Add a few flowers and you have a perfect pulled-together look on your hands.  Mine has the navy monogram in Elizabeth font, and my mom's is periwinkle in Caroline font. Christine also has an amazing ginger jar monogram that I'm swooning over, in addition to beautiful cocktail napkins and dinner napkins.

And guess what!  I was given an exclusive South of Libbie coupon code to share with y'all!  Use code WHIMSY15 (from now until Sunday, April 30th) when you check out and you'll receive 15% off of your purchase AND you'll receive your items in time for Mother's Day (if you're still looking for a gift for your momma).  


tea towels: South of Libbie (c/o) | dining chairs: thrift store (see DIY makeover here) | water pitcher: Lilly for Target | colorful cocktail glasses and holder: vintage | dining table (similar) |  mirror: vintage

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Toddler Boy Spring Purchases

April 19, 2017

I've decided that spring/summer shopping for a toddler boy is way more fun than shopping for a baby.  Clothes just look so much cuter when they are upright and moving around.  I had fun dressing Jack last spring and summer, but now that he's not growing quite as quickly I've been able to spend a little more money on quality pieces that he will wear for quite a while.  I'm still a big fan of Old Navy and Target, but I recently splurged and bought some J.Crew pieces (while they were having a sale so it wasn't too painful on the wallet) and I even bought a pair of Vineyard Vines swim trunks that will match the pair I bought for my husband (yay twinning!).  Here are some of my recent toddler boy purchases and my thoughts on them:

sailboat print oxford:  Jack wore this shirt at my brother's rehearsal dinner and was a huge hit (see the top photo).  I paired it with a blue and white gingham bowtiepink shorts and tassel loafers.  Such a little prep :)

tassel loafers:  These loafers crack me up because they're such a little man shoe.  Jack stops and plays with the tassels occasionally, even while on the dance floor at my brother's wedding.  It was so funny!  They are now his go-to dress shoes and he wore them for Easter too.

buoy short sleeved oxford:  I love oxfords that have little prints on them.  I figure he needs a short sleeve one for dressy events and church as the weather gets warmer.

pelican print shorts:  These are on clearance right now so they're a great price and will go well with all the Old Navy solid t-shirts he has.

color-blocked slip-on shoes:  Jack wears these a lot.  We love slip-ons in this house.

floral swim trunks:  I bought Tom a matching pair.  They are way pricier than I normally like to spend, but we are about to live at the beach and I know he will get a lot of use out of them.

crab hoodie:  Not gonna lie, the head hole is rather tight and it was hard to get on and off.  Totally worth it though because it's so cute.  I paired it with the denim shorts above.

gray slip-on water shoes:  These are a great (cheap) alternative to Natives.  They're really easy to put on, great if they get wet, and Jack seems to love them.

Hawaiian islands swim trunks:  We are moving to Hawaii and these shorts match the color of my favorite hotel: the Royal Hawaiian.  I couldn't resist them!

destructed denim shorts:  These may be my favorite thing on Jack right now.  Jorts (jean shorts) are lame on grown men, but they are sooooo cute on a toddler boy.

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Spring Florals

April 17, 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had a busy one complete with a John Mayer concert on Friday night (my 4th time seeing him in about 15 years...I've been a fan girl for a long time), shopping at Country Club Plaza and Trader Joe's in Kansas City on Saturday, and then a laid back Easter Sunday.  Since Jack and I were out of town for almost a month getting back into the swing of things at home has been a bit rough.  I completely forgot Easter was this weekend so we had no real plans and just gave Jack his Easter basket (thankfully I prepped this before our big trip), went to church, ate BLTs for lunch, and then worked on getting our lives back in order.

Yesterday on our walk home from church we stopped in front of the Fort Leavenworth parade field and took a few photos.  Jack (as always) was not very cooperative and wouldn't stand still, but I'm glad we were able to get a few photos of our little family on this important holiday.  I wore this mauve floral dress from PinkBlush Maternity and it was so comfy and perfect for a mild spring day.  I was a big fan of the dresses from PinkBlush when I was pregnant with Jack, and I'm continuing the love with this pregnancy too.  It started raining right after we finished taking the family photo (with a timer because I hate asking people to take photos of us), and I'm so glad we squeezed it in before we got soaked!  There will be a little addition in just a few months so I'm trying to soak in these moments with just Jack as best I can.

PinkBlush Maternity dress (c/o) | wedge espadrilles (these have been my go-to dressy shoes for years and I highly recommend them) | Jack's shirt | Jack's pants | Jack's shoes (the tassels are so cute) | Jack's bowtie


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April Wish List & Purchases

April 5, 2017
Now that it's April all I want to do is wear cute spring clothes.  There are so many fun options right now, and I may have bought a few non-maternity things recently even though I won't be able to wear them for a while.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered these navy wedge espadrilles, that I've had in cream, olive and bright blue for years.  They are pretty much the only heel I wear when it's warm out (as seen in this blog post here), and they are so comfortable and go with everything from dresses to jeans to shorts.  I tried Target's version of these shoes a few years ago, but they just weren't as comfortable so I donated them after one or two wears.  I'm excited to try them out once I get back home to Kansas.  They should be waiting for me when I get there :)

This striped one-shoulder swimsuit looks so classic and perfect for after I have a baby and am living in Hawaii (although now that I think about it nursing will be super easy on one side and a bit more difficult on the other...guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there).  I saw Carly of The College Prepster wearing the red version of it on Instagram (see pic here) and knew I needed the blue one.  

This simple straw sunhat with a striped ribbon was a super great deal and I can't wait to wear it on the beach.  Baseball caps are a bit easier to wear when you're wrangling a toddler, but maybe I can wear this on a day that isn't very windy.

These cream lace-up espadrilles are on my wish list, although the price is a bit high for me.  I've seen Julia of Gal Meets Glam (one of my favorite fashion bloggers) wear them in a lot of her Instagram posts, and would love to give them a shot.    

The white tassel off the shoulder dress looks perfect for a beachy date night.  Hopefully I can squeeze a few of those in with Tom before baby #2 arrives!  I don't have this dress but know I would love it since I have this navy one that is really similar.     

I just bought these navy scalloped shorts...in a size I certainly don't fit in right now.  I went to Belk on Monday with my mom because I had a gift card (it's a Southern department store for y'all non-southerners).  They have an adorable clothing line called Crown & Ivy and everything was so cute!  It looks pretty similar to Lilly Pulitzer and is very colorful and preppy (but way cheaper than Lilly).  I got these shorts for just $22.25!  I also love this flounce sleeve dress and this striped off the shoulder dress.

One-Shoulder Striped Swimsuit
Navy Scalloped Shorts
Scalloped Tank Dress
Straw Hat with Striped Ribbon
Tassel Off the Shoulder Dress
Navy Wedge Espadrilles
Lace Up Wedge Espadrilles

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Striped Dress with a pop of Persimmon

April 3, 2017

Outfit Details:
Striped Dress: Duffield Lane (c/o) | Necklace: J.Crew Factory | Sandals: J.Crew Factory

Y'all know I love stripes, and this comfy cotton dress from Duffield Lane is one of my new favorites.  The thing about most striped dresses is that the white part can often be see-thru, but this one is just thick enough so that you can't see any panty lines yet it's not too thick like a winter knit dress.  It's the perfect staple dress for spring!

Duffield Lane is a newer brand that embraces the laid-back and classic vibe of the coast.  Think timeless and comfortable with a nautical twist.  They offer preppy striped dresses (the Hadley dress in blue and white and the Grand dress in blue with watermelon are two favorites that I'd love to wear if I wasn't pregnant right now!),  feminine ruffled necklines (that lean towards playful rather than stuffy), and lots of adorable tops and tunics (I'm obsessed with the striped Clare tank!).

I love Mommy Monday posts because they're a way for me to get to know adorable smaller brands that I probably would not have come across otherwise.  Sharing them with you is fun me for me because I think you'll like them, but I also like helping get the word out about newer female-owned businesses.  It's a win-win in my book!  Be sure to stop by the blogs of my Mommy Monday girls to see how they style their Duffield Lane!

Mireille of City Peach
Tiffany of Tiffany Style Blog
Alex of Inspired By...
Nina of The HHS Feed

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18 Week Pregnancy Update

March 31, 2017

Outfit Details:
I can’t believe I’m already 18 weeks pregnant.  Last pregnancy seemed to crawl, while this one is flying by.  I attribute that to having an energetic 17 month old who does not give me a break.  Crazy to think that we will be adding a baby sister to the mix in 5 months.

Overall I have felt great this whole pregnancy.  First trimester was much easier than it was with Jack, and even with him I thought I had lucked out.  No morning sickness, very few food aversions and relatively high energy.  I was worried about the pregnancy because of my lack of symptoms, but every time we go to the doctor her heartbeat is nice and strong, and the two ultrasounds we've had have been perfect.  I’m anxious for the anatomy scan that I'll have at 21 so that we can rule out any abnormalities.  

Last time around we didn’t find out what we were having until the 20 week ultrasound, but this time I did a simple blood test (called Progenity) at 11 weeks that screened for any genetic disorders and also revealed the gender.  That test wasn’t offered to me last time, so I’m not sure if it was around in early 2015 or not.  I did not do CVS or Amniocentesis last time and will not do them this time either.  They seem rather invasive and the thought of a needle being inserted through my belly into my uterus makes me anxious.  But a simple blood test I can handle, so I jumped at that option.  All tests came back negative (a good thing), and we found out we were having a sweet baby girl at such an early point!

WORKOUTS:  I’ve been able to maintain my workouts, although I’m at the point now where I have to pee all the time when I run.  (Sorry if that's TMI.)  That’s got to be one of the most annoying things about pregnancy.  Most of my runs now are around 3-4 miles (with Jack in the stroller too), but I did go on a 7 miler by myself earlier this week and it felt amazing!  I need to make sure I maintain some strength training, but I haven’t done a great job of doing that recently.

FOOD CRAVINGS:  Like last time, I’m a cereal addict.  I try to eat healthy ones, but more often than not Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles end up coming home with me from the store.  I always have a healthy breakfast but will often have a junk bowl of cereal for a snack (or lunch, or dessert, or second breakfast)…needless to say I can’t ever get enough of it.  Recently I’ve really craved the tang of balsamic vinegar.  Weird right?  One of my favorite non-green salads is a bunch of cut up cherry tomatoes, slices of raw sweet onion, and blue cheese in a bunch of balsamic vinegar (with a little salt and pepper).  I started making this years ago when I came across the recipe in a magazine (it’s amazing paired with steak), but I’ve wanted it a lot more often lately.  

BABY MOVEMENTS:  I started feeling her move at the beginning of 16 weeks.  Last time I didn’t feel Jack move until 18 weeks, but now that I know what it feels like it was easier to identify the movements this time.  Tom hasn’t felt her yet, but I know that will come soon, which is exciting!  Feeling movement and kicks is one of the neatest things about pregnancy.  It’s so crazy feeling something move inside you that you have no control over!  Such a sweet and miraculous experience.

MY BODY:  So far I don’t feel much different.  The round ligament pains bother me if I’m on in bed and sneeze, so when I know a sneeze is coming I’ll try to ball my body up a bit more so that the movement isn’t as dramatic.  The sharp jabbing pain isn’t fun, but thankfully I only feel it if I move quickly, sneeze or laugh too hard.    I don’t feel like I’ve slowed down any, although I know that will come pretty soon.  I’m definitely much larger than I was last time, and I’ve gained about 11 pounds so far…the lack of food aversions and morning sickness coupled with increased hunger have lead me to gain weight more quickly than last time.  I gained 40 pounds last pregnancy so I can only imagine how many I’ll gain this time.  The goal is 35 pounds, of course, but I think my body just likes to carry a little extra weight while pregnant.  We’ll see.  Last time I thought I made it through the whole pregnancy without getting any stretch marks, only to find out after I had Jack that I had gotten some on my lower abdomen (that I couldn't see because my belly was so big!).  They are pretty visible right now (a bummer) but I’m diligent about using lotion and oil, so hopefully I won’t get any more.  Fingers crossed. 

CLOTHES:  I’ve switched to all maternity bottoms, except for workout clothes.  Last time I wore my more stretchy/high-waisted lululemon clothes the entire pregnancy, and plan to do the same thing this time.  I just don’t see the need to buy maternity workout clothes when these work just fine.  I'm finally at the point where I look more pregnant than bloated, so maternity dresses are fun to wear.  The one I'm wearing in these photos is from Old Navy and is sold out in everything but XXL, but this simple black one is really cute and is the same style.  (In case you missed it, I shared my recent maternity clothing purchases here on the blog a few weeks back.)

If anyone is interested in more pregnancy posts (like fitness recaps like I did last time, or anything else you can think of) please let me know!  I like being as open as possible, but aim to share only what you all are interested in.  Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated :)

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