My New Beauty Habits

June 20, 2018

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lemon PJs | Caroline's dress (obsessed with this print from Old Navy right now!) | bistro chairs | garden stool (similar) | outdoor table | coffee mug (from TJ Maxx but this is similar)

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty stuff.  If anything takes too long I'm not really interested in doing it, but I also know that I'm in my 30s now so I need to pay a bit more attention to certain things than I used to.  I've incorporated a few new things into my routine these past 5 months and I am really happy with my hair and skin right now (despite the melasma I can't really treat until I wean Caroline) so I wanted to share them with you!  (These photos were taken right after I woke face washing or hair brushing or makeup.  I'm so happy with how my skin and hair act these days that I didn't feel like I needed to do anything!)  So here are my new habits, in no particular order:


Collagen Peptides.  I've been taking a scoop of this in my coffee every morning for over 2 months and my hair feels healthy, my skin looks bright and I haven't been having as much pain in my right hip as I normally do.  (Although I think my hip also feels better due to strengthening my glutes and hamstrings by using doing the Glow Body PT workouts that I mentioned on the blog here.)  Collagen is a vital building block of our bodies and this supplement helps support your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.  The powder is flavorless and dissolves completely in hot liquids, although you can also put it in smoothies (I hear it's gross in water though).  I've seen this product mentioned by some of the bloggers I follow like Julia of Lemon Stripes and Leanne of Elle Apparel but finally bit the bullet and ordered it when I found out my friend Kady (my old marathon training buddy and mom of two) and my friend Kait of CommuniKait were both taking it.  I'm definitely going to continue using it and actually just ordered some to my parents' house for me to use this summer.

Less Hair Washing.  I've never been one to go without washing my hair because I get sweaty when I work out, but decided to give it a shot after reading my friend Kait's post all about her hair.  I must say, I now really like how my typically flat hair looks after a day or two or three without washing it.  (Dry shampoo is key!)  I had read some great things about Kristen Ess dry shampoo so I bought it at Target and think it'll be my go-to from now on.  I've tried many different kinds and my hair seems to like this the best, although the smell of this toasted coconut dry shampoo is AMAZING and it is a good bit cheaper.  When I use dry shampoo I spray the roots, concentrating on the area around my face, my part and the back of my head and then let it sit for a little bit.  Then I'll use my fingers to kind of massage it in, then finger-comb my hair.  I now typically go about 3 days without washing.  When I do wash my hair I have recently started washing it twice in a row, and my hair feels really clean afterwards.  About once a week I will use Head and Shoulders Instant Oil Control shampoo and it seems to help control my oily scalp well.  (This has been my secret for a few years now.  It's technically dandruff shampoo but the oil control aspect of it works wonders, especially when your postpartum hormones are crazy!)

Weekly Hair Mask.  I have a greasy scalp by nature but because my hair is so long I decided to try a hair mask to see if it would make the ends feel less dry and tired.  I've never done a hair mask before and randomly bought the Kristen Ess hair mask at Target and really like it.  (Turns out I really love this brand, I currently use 4 of the products!)  Once a week after I take a shower and wash my hair I will put a hair mask on, wrap it up with a Turbie Twist (I know the infomercials back in the day were silly but I've loved these things for years!) and put on a face mask at the same time.  After 10 minutes I'll get back in the shower and wash everything off.

Air Dry Hair Cream.  Air drying isn't a new thing for me (I'm lazy, so I rarely blow dry my hair), but the bottoms would always end up kind of fluffy and crazy looking, until I discovered this Air Dry Cream.  I now put this on my damp hair and my hair turns out nice and soft and not very frizzy- even after letting it air dry.


Lash Boost.  I started using Rodan + Fields Lash Boost right around Valentine's Day and I am obsessed!  You put it on right before bed and you get thicker, fuller, longer lashes in 6-8 weeks.  It's amazing!  I no longer curl my eyelashes because I don't need to anymore.  You have to have an Independent Consultant to purchase Rodan + Fields and mine is Brianna Hughes (a fellow momma, West Point grad and Army Captain), so if you want to try the product and don't have a consultant you can click on the links above and it'll take you to her page.  And please let her know I referred you so I can get some store credit so I can buy another tube of this stuff :)  It's pricy but I was able to make one tube last 4 months, and I really love waking up with long lashes.  Most days I just put on some concealer and mascara and I'm good to go.  Oh and my eyebrows have always been on the sparse side, but I've been putting Lash Boost on them too and they are darker and fuller now!  It's amazing!  You do have to keep using it to keep the results, but I've found that once you've been using it nightly for 8 weeks you can start using it every two or three days to maintain the length.  

Weekly Face Mask.  As mentioned above, I now try to do a face mask once a week.  I rotate between this purifying and mattifying clay mask (a free trial I got with my Sephora perks card and I plan on buying the big size once I run out), this rose mask (it smells so good and makes my skin feel really refreshed and toned), and this dual enzyme polish (Colleen Rothschild sent it to me to try out before Christmas and I'm still using it because I really like it.  I think it has helped my melasma a bit and it also makes my skin look nice and bright).  I can really see a difference in how bright, clear and supple my face is, and I think a weekly face mask has helped immensely. 

Spinning Facial Brush.  In the evenings I now wash my face twice if I wore makeup during the day.  I saw Karla Reed talk about doing this on her Instagram Stories, and I realized it made so much sense.  The first time I wash my face I use this cleansing oil and my hands to remove makeup (it even removes stubborn mascara), and then I wash my face a second time with a spinning facial brush and Cetaphil daily facial cleanser.  (I don't use the brush every day, but probably 4 days a week.)  I know a lot of people love this spinning brush, but I bought mine at TJ Maxx for $14.99 and it works great.  I think it makes my face look firm and smooth.

Tinkle Shavers.  If you think you don't have peach fuzz on your face then you haven't looked close enough in the mirror.  It's not too noticeable for many people, but I have a good bit of light colored fuzz on my face so decided to try these shavers out after I saw Karla Reed talk about using them on her Stories (mentioned above as well, she's fun to follow on Instagram!).  I had also seen videos of dermaplaning (search the hashtag to see what I mean!) and this looked like a great at-home alternative.  It removes dead skin cells as well as peach fuzz, and I've been doing it about once a month since I bought these 3 months ago.  As I mentioned above, I am so happy with my skin right now despite being postpartum and nursing (which is often a crazy time for your hormones), and I think everything skin-related that I've here has truly worked wonders.  Apparently there is a large counterfeit market for these face razors, so I scoured Amazon before buying them to make sure I bought a version that looked legitimate.  I am using this exact listing and they work great!  One of the reviews says that these aren't the real deal, but even if they aren't I still like them.  If you order them yourself be sure to check reviews first!  Amazon kind of stinks in some ways because you never know if someone is trying to sell you a knock-off, but overall it's my go-to for most things.  Also just an FYI, the blades are designed in a way so that you can't cut yourself.

In addition to all of these new skincare habits I still do everything else I've always done.  Sunscreen in the morning, Vitamin C treatment (helps with brightness and combats free radicals), eye cream at night and night cream at night too.  I've also been trying out some Rosehip oil I bought at TJ Maxx in the evenings.  I haven't been super consistent with it though so I'm not sure if it's helped at all.  If you're interested in seeing my current make up favorites here is a post I wrote back in March.

Have you implemented any new self care habits recently?  I'd love to hear if you have anything you think I should try out!

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Maximizing Space in a Closet

June 18, 2018

Anyone else in the small closet club?  The closets in our current rental are tiny, so I've had to get creative in order to make them more useable.  Five simple tricks really helped me maximize our space (and also saved my sanity), so I shared those tips over on Progressive's Life Lanes blog today.  Head on over to Life Lanes for the full post!

I was paid for the article I wrote for Progressive Insurance but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Life Lately

June 15, 2018

outfit details:

my swimsuit | sunglasses (under $20!) | Caroline's swimsuit

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I last shared a life update here, so I wanted to let you know what's going on in our lives out here in the middle of the Pacific.  

We recently bought our tickets to fly back to the mainland this summer.  (Mainland is what everyone in Hawaii calls the continental US.)  I'll be flying solo with the kiddos at the end of June, and we will spend 2 months visiting my family in the Atlanta area, at the beach in SC, we will go up to Maine to see Tom's family, and I'll go to West Point for a week by myself for some training for my Army Reserve job.  Then my mom will fly back to Hawaii with us at the end of August (she just retired from teaching last week and I'm so glad she has more flexibility now!).  We have the Delta American Express Platinum credit card so we bought my ticket with that and we used the free "companion ticket" you get once a year on Jack's ticket, and I'll have Caroline in my arms.  We've been Delta loyalists for years and years (I'm from Atlanta, which is Delta's hub so grew up flying the airline) and the Delta AmEx has so many great perks.  (Not an ad, just a big fan.)  You get one companion ticket a year if you have the Platinum or Reserve card, which I think is pretty amazing.  (We actually just upgraded to the Reserve card which allows you free access to the Sky Club too.)  It's saving us a bunch of money so I'm really happy we have the card!  Anyway, just wanted to share that with you guys if you happen try travel a lot and typically choose Delta.

I am really nervous about traveling with both kids by myself on such a long flight, but I'm praying it will go well.  I've bought some new crayons, a Disney sticker and coloring book, and I'll buy a few other things to help the time go by for Jack.  We also have the iPad, and this case is such a lifesaver with a toddler.  It stands up by itself and has two handles/arms that Jack can use to carry it.  My iPad is 7 years old, but it's still going strong!  Jack does best when he sits in a carseat on a flight, so I bought this handy strap (under $20!) that allows you to attach the toddler carseat to your rolling carry-on bag.  You can even put your child in the carseat and wheel them around if you need to!  I don't think I'm going to do that because Jack is pretty heavy and it would be a massive arm workout and the idea of changing planes in LA with it makes me nervous, but it definitely beats having to lug a giant carseat around like a pack mule.

I can't decide if we should bring the Double BOB jogging stroller (as seen above) or our Uppababy Vista (set up as a double) with us.  Jack cannot roam free in the airport because he doesn't listen well, so I'm going to have to bring a stroller through security with us and check it at the gate.  If you've traveled with either please let me know your thoughts!  The BOB would be easier to fold up by myself while wearing a baby, but then that would have be our stroller for two months and that thing is so stinking wide.  Such a tough call!

Now onto other things...

Jack had his audiology appointment this week and we found out that he has fluid in both ears that may be preventing him from hearing well.  He will have another ear drum test before we leave on our trip and immediately after, and if there is no change then he will be referred to ENT and will get tubes in his ears.  I really hope that we end up going that route because it seems to be the diagnosis that makes the most sense, so far.  He has been prescribed Zyrtec to see if it helps clear up the fluid before his next audiology appointment.  I talked about it on my Instagram Stories and saved it in my highlights if you're interested in hearing more details.

Caroline is 9 months now and is such a ravenous eater!  She will eat anything and it's so refreshing after dealing with Jack's pickiness for a year and a half.  We tried purees but she isn't great with a spoon and seems to prefer being able to feed herself.  We just cut up little pieces of food and she's great at feeding herself now (although a lot does end up in her lap).  Avocado, green beans, black beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, spaghetti, turkey burger, eggs...the girl will eat anything!  Such a relief because she still won't take a bottle from anyone and I'm going to have to leave her with my parents for a week in August.  Whenever I share photos of her eating I always get asked about her bib with sleeves.  It's from IKEA and is the greatest thing ever!  She plays with regular bibs that hang down in front of her, so this is the only way to keep her clean without her being distracted.  I highly recommend grabbing one next time you go (only $5.99)!  

Here are a few purchases I've made recently that I highly recommend.

I'm wearing the "mama" shirt right now, actually!  And I plan on wearing the linen pants on the flight because they'll be comfy and easy to use the restroom in while wearing a baby.  I've been wearing the waterproof Birks on a daily basis and they're suuuuuuper comfy and cute (I have pink but there are a few different options I linked to in the widget above), and I love that they can get wet.  And the striped off-the-shoulder top is a fantastic price and looks like it's much nicer than Old Navy!  I can't wait to wear it with some white shorts or jeans.  The white shirts are both from Target and I've worn the sleeveless button-down one a couple of times already.  Great with a pair of shorts and easy to nurse in.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!  Sorry it's been a while since I last posted and I appreciate you sticking with me!

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Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail

June 6, 2018

outfit details: 

denim shorts (my all time-favorite pair) | striped shirt (I have the pink version as well and am wearing a Tall Small) | nursing tank | blush sunglasses (under $20!) | white sneakers (I can't recommend these enough, they're so comfy and work with jeans, shorts and dresses.  Size up half a size.) | Caroline's romper

On Monday we went on a family hike that Tom and I have not done since 2012- Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail.  (Tom worked all weekend so it was the weekend for him.)  It was a different experience hauling a toddler and a baby this time, but we really enjoyed it and also got a good workout in.  Even though we had done this hike before we still couldn't get over the breathtaking views.  The ocean almost seems to surround you and there are countless shades of blue in every direction.  The great thing about the Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail is that the entire thing is paved and the path is really wide.  We saw a lot of families with strollers but we decided to carry the kids instead.  We had hoped that Jack would walk a good bit of it, but he didn't like being told to not go near the edge, and then he kept getting distracted by his shadow and tripping, and then he sat down randomly, so....I'm glad we had our Osprey carrier for him.  I wore Caroline in my Wildbird ring sling and it worked well because it wasn't a very strenuous hike.  It's more of a walk than a hike, since it is paved, but it's all up hill so it is a bit tiring.  If you have young kids I'd definitely recommend this one, espeically if you don't want to venture into the woods.  The only issue is that parking is limited and there are no restrooms.  Other than that it's great!  There isn't much shade either so sunscreen is essential, and also pack a good bit of water because I don't think I saw a water fountain there.  The drive to get there is spectacular too (you pass Koko Head (a spectacular hike that you don't want to do with kids), Hanauma Bay, a blow hole, the "From Here to Eternity Beach," and some spectacular cliffs and crashing waves).

Both kids fell asleep as soon as we got in the car after the hike, so we decided to drive to China Walls, which is this amazing spot on the opposite side of the Hanauma Bay crater and there are lava ledges that you can jump off of if the waves are cooperative.  I did it back in 2012 and it was amazing!  When we stopped by this time the waves were massive and there were lots of surfers out in the water.

After we we both took a turn looking at China Walls we headed to Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii Kai.  It's kind of a tradition of mine to go there after hiking Koko Head, so we decided it would be perfect after this hike too.  We shared some great (huge) kalua pork nachos, I had a burger, Tom had fish tacos and we also enjoyed a couple beers.  It was a great day!

I wore one of my go-to outfits when I know we will be walking a lot but I still want to look cute.  I bought these white sneakers back when I was very pregnant with Caroline and still love them.  The insole is pretty cushioned so they are really comfortable, but they also look cute with any outfit.  I can't recommend them enough.  I also wore the denim shorts I wear pretty much every day now.  They're stretchy but don't get baggy, and they don't have much distressing which is nice.  I bought the pink version of my shirt about 2 months ago and loved it so much that I just bought the blue version.  I like that it's easy to nurse in because of the buttons, and I like that it's short sleeved.  I thought the regular length seemed a little short so I went with the tall length and it's perfect.  My pink sunglasses are a fun pair that are almost always on sale for $17.50, so even though they're a bit trendier than my normal style I didn't mind the price.



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Can it Be Salvaged? Identifying if a Piece of Furniture is Beyond Help

June 5, 2018

Salvaging old furniture can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and a keen eye for detail you can often save the life of a dated piece of furniture in a single afternoon.  If you're not sure where to begin, or if you're still on the hunt for the perfect piece, head on over to my most recent article on Progressive's Life Lanes blog.  Today I shared six things to keep in mind when you're assessing whether or not a piece of furniture is worth your time and effort.  Most vintage furniture simply needs a new coat of paint, wax or some new fabric, but occasionally a problem will exist that you are unable to remedy.  Check out Life Lanes for more details! 

I was paid for the article I wrote for Progressive Insurance but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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iPhone Photo Editing

May 24, 2018

After and Before of the same photo, taken with and edited on my iPhone.

outfit details:

top c/o Sail to Sable (this year's version of same top) | white jeans (old J.Crew, these are similar) | sandals (old Lilly for Target) | Caroline's romper (only $13 and one of my favorites) | Caroline's striped bow

It seems like many of the bloggers/influencers that I follow have recently shared some of their photo editing tips and I love getting an inside look on how they create cohesive Instagram feeds.  I attempt to plan my photos and create a cohesive-looking feed, but honestly I'm not great at it (although if you scroll through my feed you'll see that I've gotten a bit better since I read/watched some of the tutorials below).  I love my DSLR camera and use it when I can, but these days most of my Instagram photos are taken on my iPhone 8+.  The videos and blog posts below were eye opening to me!  Using the things I learned in the first and third tutorials listed below (the second one came out after I edited this) I was able to transform this iPhone photo below into the photo directly below it.  Pretty incredible, right?  

outfit details:
bib | bloomers | ruffle top | bow

It's probably a little overexposed and I should have turned down the highlights a little bit, but the end result looks way better than any of the photo editing I used to do.  Here are three tutorials that will help you get started if you're interested in upping your iPhone editing game too:

1.  Learn to Edit Using Only Your Smartphone.  I watched this youtube video by Nicole Digiacobbe (@thedigigirls on Instagram) about 4 months ago and it totally changed how I edit photos.  I had no clue that you could edit photos so well on your phone so it's neat to see all the little tweaks she does and which apps she uses.  This has really helped me fine tune my technique and I'm so impressed with the capabilities of Lightroom, Snapseed and FaceTune!

2.  How I Edit My Photos by Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam.  I think that Julia has one of the most beautiful blogs and Instagram feeds out there.  Her photos, which are mostly taken by her husband, are stunning, so I really enjoyed reading about how she edits all of them.  She shares how she edits for her blog and how she edits on her phone.  I never totally understood VSCO but now realize it's essential when it comes to creating a feed that looks cohesive, so I've finally started using it too.  (I've also been playing around with A Color Story after editing in Lightroom because the filters fit a bit more with my aesthetic.  I've been using "mimosa" and "palm springs" in the "Good Vibes" pack and then tone it down over half way.)    

3.  This Darling Little Life.  I follow Tricia on Instagram and she takes some beautiful photos of her daughters sleeping.  The photos I take when I'm standing over Caroline always end up with crumpled sheets and lots of shadows, so it was interested in seeing how she does it.  If you go to her Instagram profile she has her instructions saved as "Editing" in her Highlights.  This tutorial really helped me understand the capabilities of Snapseed and I've incorporated many of her tips in my photo editing.

Do you have any photo editing tutorials that have totally changed the way you edit?  Please share because I'd love to check them out!  I never realized I found all of this stuff so fascinating, but apparently I do. 

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How My Mom Set a Healthy Example

May 16, 2018

I recently received a message on Instagram from a young mother who desperately wants to set a good example of health for her daughters, but she isn't quite sure where to start.  I've mentioned my mom many times on the blog and on social media, and this reader asked if I could share some ways that my mom set a healthy example and instilled a love of physical activity, healthy eating, and a well-balanced lifestyle.  Before I get started though, I wanted to share a 4-year old blog post that many of you may not have seen if you haven't been following me for that long.  My relationship with my body has not always been stable, and I struggled with disordered eating from high school through college.  I talked all about my health and fitness journey here, although I'd say that now that I'm a mom and have matured a lot my relationship with my body and food is better than it's ever been.  I will confess one thing though, when I was in high school and my relationship with food was extremely volatile, one of the things that I had trouble coming to grips with was the fact that I knew my mom had a good relationship with food and I couldn't seem to find that balance.  I thought to myself, "why does she have it all figured out and I don't?"  In reality, she had actually struggled with her own body image and eating issues up until she and my dad started thinking about conceiving me.  Once she realized her body was going to be the vessel for a tiny little life she started running and started using food as fuel, rather than treating it as the enemy.  The rest is history and she's had a healthy relationship ever since.   

Ok now, in honor of Mother's Day a few days ago, here are some of the things that my mom did to set a healthy example when I was a child.  I think of my mom's good example on a daily basis now that I'm a mom, and I hope that I can follow her lead and set a healthy example for my children as well.  All moms have their own strengths and challenges so please don't take this as me saying that you must do all of these things to be a good mom.  Not the case at all!  These are simply things that my mom did/does that I am trying to do as well:


My mom was never the one to sit on the sidelines and just watch us.  (Although who doesn't like lounging around from time to time because being a mom is exhausting!)  She would often play tag with us, play capture the flag, race us, jump rope with us, and jump on the trampoline with us.  There is certainly value to children learning to play by themselves without adult interaction (and she made sure to allow us this a lot of the time), but we always enjoyed it when she would get involved.  At the pool she was always quick to join an intense game of sharks and minnows and wasn't afraid to jump off the diving board.  Heck, even last year, at 58 years old, I watched her do a blow up water obstacle course surrounded by a bunch of kids and teenagers.  It was the funniest thing in the world and she laughed at herself even when she'd fall off the float and end up the water.  She was always game to get involved in something fun, and that made us want to join in too.  I think that it's pretty prevalent in most families for the dad to be "the fun one" who wrestles and plays with the kids, but that kind of physical interaction can definitely be part of a mom's role too. 

Live an Active Lifestyle.  

My mom doesn't have a sedentary bone in her body, and has always loved hiking, walking, running, dancing, playing tennis, swimming, and trying her hand at obstacle courses.  She's "a stander," as she calls it, and can often be found standing rather than sitting.  She's also known for being the star of the dance floor, as seen below at my cousin's wedding.  Fitness is more than just about staying in shape, it is truly a way of life.  

Seek Out Ways to Sneak in a Workout.  

One vivid memory I have that always sticks out in my head is that whenever we'd go to the pool she would tread water for a while.  She would do different movements to create resistance for her arms and legs and would get that little bit of exercise in while staying in one place.  It would be easier to just stand in the shallow end or sit on the side of the pool, but she never missed an opportunity to push herself a little bit.

Food as Fuel.  

She never used food as a reward and never considered herself "bad" for splurging on something she wanted.  Attaching those emotions to food is a surefire way to end up with an unhealthy relationship with food.  Even if she would indulge a good bit she wouldn't deprive herself later, she'd just make healthier choices the next few days and wouldn't stress about it.  Her catch phrase has always been "everything in moderation."  That goes for everything from food to exercise to alcohol.  When you take anything to the extreme (even positive things like exercise or healthy eating) it's easy for you to become unbalanced and overly fanatical about tracking calories or logging minutes of exercise.

Exercise During Your Kids' Extra-curricular Activities.  

When my brother and I were heavily involved in traveling soccer teams my mom initially would take turns carpooling with some other parents.  After a while she realized she'd start drinking wine at home when she could have been using her evening in a more productive way.  She realized she needed to change her priorities, so she started taking us to soccer practice and would run laps in the grass around the soccer complex.  My teammates and I would notice her looping around and around and they would say, "wow, your mom can run!"  It was always a point of pride for me to know that my mom could do that, especially when most parents sat in folding chairs on the sidelines for the entire 90 minute practice.  Even if you're not a runner you can sneak in some exercise, like squats and lunges or things like that.   
Maintain a Steady Body Weight.  

This is easier said than done, but by maintaining a steady body weight and not "yoyo-ing" my mom modeled what a healthy relationship with food looked like.  She never tried any fad diets, she just ate healthy amounts of healthy foods and smaller amounts of the things that were more calorie-dense.  She didn't have splurge or cheat days, she just remained steady, ate her dark chocolate every night, had her glass of medicinal red wine, and strove to listen to her body and pay attention to how her clothes fit on her.  

Positive Self-Talk.  

I never once heard my mom say that she wanted to change something about her body.  She never strove to be perfect.  She was always kind to herself and was thankful for what her body could do.  If she ever thought something was larger or softer than she wanted it to be I never knew that to be the case.  In my mind she was a strong and confident and never hated on her body or picked apart her flaws.  Now that I have a daughter I want to be especially diligent about celebrating what my body can do rather than being unhappy with silly things like stretch marks, cellulite or my more-prominent-than-average nose :) 


Create Fitness-Related Family Traditions.   

My family had fitness-related traditions that we always looked forward to.  On the 4th of July (once my brother and I turned 10) we would always run the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race 10K.  I would run with my mom and my brother would run with my dad and we always had such a fun time even if it was challenging.  Plus it's fun looking back on the photos from all of those races now that we're older.  Once we were in high school and college we started doing an Atlanta Thanksgiving Day half marathon too.  You don't have to bite off a long distance race to create this sort of tradition with your family, even a 5K is lots of fun to do as a family.  Training for these races can be a great family activity too.  Another thing we would do as a family when we were traveling was go on a family run to explore our surroundings.  We've run in England, Tuscany, Germany, Hawaii, DC, Portland and countless other places.  Not fast, and we'd often get turned around because we weren't sure where we were going, but it was a wonderful way to learn about a new location.  One time my mom and I even signed up for a half marathon on vacation (in Hawaii in 2005, as a matter of fact) that we found out about the day before.  Neither of us were completely prepared to run a half marathon, but it was nice that we both had a foundation of fitness that allowed us to share such a unique experience together.

There are countless ways to be a healthy example to your children, so find what works for you and stick with it!

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